The Thoughts of The Guru...

Born into this world of "Pure Imagination" I am a 21 year old African-American man living off of nothing but dreams of another world. A world permeated with a love that is ever so real where we can open our eyes to no more pain and no more tears and no more fears. A place where the ignorance of our futures doesnt blind us to the possiblities of our present. Where tears that are shed are only meant to make us grow and not drown us in a sea of sorrows. A place where we dwell past our mental, emotional and financial but manifest and exhaust in every part of our spiritual. A world where the melody of music heals a nation instead of destroys and causes everything to crumble. Where style is an artisic outlet of ones soul. Well that's just a brief look into my mind. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MACK THE GURU...




when you masturbate twice on the same day



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